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Move with me wherever, whenever.

The Floor Barre Bundle is a course designed for those who want to increase their overall strength, stamina, musicality and balance. It also is great for those looking to add muscle tone and length to their physique whilst having fun listening to some banging tunes!

  • Floor Barre Bundle

    Mat-based full body course
    • 16x 45 Minute On-Demand Floor Barre Classes
    • 4x 30 Minute On Demand Stretch Classes
  • Barre Bundle

    Full body barre course
    • 16x 45 Minute On-Demand Barre Classes
    • 4x 30 Minute On Demand Stretch Classes

BUNDLE Course Breakdown:

Both the Floor Barre Bundle and the Barre Bundle are designed to be taken over a 4-week period but please feel free to use it however you like. The only difference in equipment between the two bundles is that for the Barre Bundle you will need a barre or barre alternative as well as everything else listed. Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. 


Equipment needed: Light hand weights

Classes are mainly body weight, using minimal equipment to focus on the movement, choreography, musicality and maximum burn.


Equipment needed: Light hand weights, small looped resistance band, long resistance band

Classes are based around using the bands to add more resistance to exercises and keep things interesting!


Equipment needed: Light hand weights, pilates ball 

The ball packs a punch! Week 3 revolves around using the pilates ball to mix up exercises, add intensity and work on balance and stability.


Equipment needed: Light hand weights, resistance bands, pilates ball

Week 4 is the big one. Here we combine all equipment putting our newly learnt skills and new found strength to the test!

All weeks involve a stretch class to properly lengthen and restore the muscles ready to the following

week of workouts. 

A link will be sent to you upon purchase to an online folder containing the classes. You can watch online or download them to be watched offline.

"Carly is one of the most passionate and hard working ladies I know. Her fun charismatic energy in class, attention to detail and clear direction is unlike any other Barre teacher I've experienced.

As a professional performer as well as fitness instructor, it's clear that Carly brings her stage energy to every class she teaches.

Carly's classes not only improve strength and fitness, her ethos is "move because it feels good!" She helps you and your body become friends.

I couldn't recommend her more."


—  Name, Title

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