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Hey there gorgeous one, lets get to know each other better shall we?
I'm Carly, former professional dancer, fitness instructor and lover of movement. My fitness journey began whilst I was in musical theatre training in my late teens/early twenties. I needed a workout other than dance to really improve my strength, stamina and cardio fitness however, I found the gym and running on a treadmill for hours just wasn't for me.. that's when I found barre.
I took one class and that was it, I was HOOKED. Even as a dancer, I had never experienced a workout and a burn quite like that. I knew I was working every muscle in my body and it showed as I could barely walk the next day with all the DOMs!
I started working as a front desk assistant for a Barre studio in Cheshire and then later trained up to become an instructor. Fast forward a few years and I'm the Barre Master Trainer of BLOK Manchester, Sweaty Betty Ambassador and have my own online platform for all you lovely lot around the globe to experience the joys of Barre with me.
My mission for The Body By Bates Online Studio is to inspire you to want to move your body, to see you improve mentally and physically with the help of my teachings and for you to have a really good time while doing it!
If you're unsure if this platform is right for you, take a look around, explore the offerings and if you want to discuss the options further you can always hit me up via the contact page.
I can't wait to get to know you better, all my love. Carly x

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